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Buy to Let Mortgages for Limited Companies

Whether you're a first time landlord or adding to your property portfolio, let our experts help you

We can compare from a wide range of lenders to ensure you choose the best rate for your needs

We'll complete the application process for you to save you any unnecessary stress & hassle

The level of service & knowledge is second to none, sourcing the best deals that benefit my needs

Can I get a limited company buy to let mortgage?


Getting a limited company Buy to Let mortgage may be easier than you think, they are available to:

  • Invest in houses or flats.

  • New and Existing Limited Companies.

  • Adverse Credit Records, Impaired Credit, or an Excellent Credit History - there are many lenders offering Limited Company Buy to Let mortgages for all credit worthiness.

  • You are employed, self employed, retired or receive alternative income.

  • You are over 18. 

How much deposit do I need?


To get a mortgage on an investment property, you'll generally need a deposit of at least 15% of the value of the home.


As with standard residential and buy to let mortgages, the bigger the deposit you put down, the better the rate you'll typically be able to get.   

In order to assess your affordability for a limited company buy to let mortgage, speak to our specialist advisers who can give you a clearer idea of the amount you're able to borrow & how much deposit you're likely to need.

Why do I need a mortgage adviser?


With so many different types of mortgages available, applying for one can be a confusing & stressful process.  Each Lender offers different product ranges, underwriting and criteria. We are here to not only guide you through the entire process, but to ensure that you are taking out the most suitable mortgage for your requirements. We can even recommend & instruct a solicitor for you, which could save you money and unnecessary hassle.

Book a free, initial appointment today to discuss your situation, your plans & to get the process started.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Diane Wright Financial Services charge a non-refundable mortgage arrangement fee of between £99 and £399 when an application is submitted to a mortgage lender for you. Your adviser will agree the arrangement fee with you before commencing any chargeable work. The actual amount payable will take account of your financial circumstances, the complexity of borrowing requirements and the amount of work required to fulfil your needs.
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