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Mortgage Protection - Income Protection

A vital type of cover that every employed person should consider

Your policy will replace your income if you are unable to work through illness or injury 

You can tailor the cover to suit your personal requirements & budget

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Why do I need an income protection policy?


If sickness or injury meant that you or your partner were unable to work, how would you cover your monthly outgoings? 

Any savings you might have would quickly disappear if they had to start covering your mortgage or rent payments, monthly bills, food shopping and travel costs.

An income protection policy can replace your monthly income and give you the peace of mind to focus on getting better.

How much of my income will the policy replace?

This depends both on how much you earn and which premium you choose.


A good starting point is to work out your essential monthly outgoings; rent or mortgage payments, household bills, travel costs and any debts – plus an allowance for everyday spending.

Will having income protection affect my sick pay?

Not at all. The idea is that the insurance takes over when your sick pay ends. If you fall ill, some employers will still pay your salary for a set period – sometimes for up to 12 months. Check how much your employer will give you and for how long.

The longer you receive a salary, the longer you can make your deferment period. Many policies won’t pay out if you’re still receiving a salary. If you’re self-employed, you won’t have employee benefits, so income protection is something you should consider.

Can I get income protection if I'm self employed?


Yes, there are options available. Request a call back from our adviser who can talk you through the best policies for your situation.

What is a deferred period?

The 'deferred period' is the time you’d have to wait before the policy begins to pay. Check how much sick pay you're entitled to as this will give you a good idea of when you would need your income protection to start.


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