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Mortgage Protection - Family Income Benefit

Your family income benefit policy would provide a tax-free monthly payment to your dependents

Payments can be used to help cover monthly bills & living costs 

Considered a cost-effective option to protect your home & your family

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What is a family income benefit policy?


Family income benefit is a type of life insurance that could offer a cost-effective way of arranging the financial cover you need for your loved ones.

In the event of a death, the policies are designed to pay out a regular income until a specified date in order to replace the income that would have been provided by the policyholder.

The key difference between family income benefit and standard life insurance is that rather than your loved ones receiving a lump sum of money, they’ll get monthly payments instead.

Is a family income benefit right for me?

This type of policy is thought to be most suitable for young families with children as it can be affordable and potentially cheaper than other life insurance policies.

What are the benefits of a family income benefit policy?


A sudden death can make it difficult for your family to cope, especially if they are dependent on your income. Payments from a family income benefit policy would ensure that they receive regular income to keep on top of bills and other monthly living costs.

For example, if you have young children you might set up a policy that runs until the children are likely to be financially independent, perhaps at a particular age. This way, if you pass away during their childhood, the expenses can be used to cover school costs or university fees.

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